Ksharasutra is an Ayurvedic therapy to treat Anorectal disorders. Kshara meaning caustic substance obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. It is treatment which takes place in a method where this Ksharasutra is inserted into the human body using a metallic probe. It helps in curing Anal fistula.
They are Alkaline in nature. Anal fistula is a surgically curable condition. Following a basic diet and slightly changing the lifestyle can help in reducing the symptoms of it. Anal fistula are problems which leave the patient in extreme suffer, it needs keen observation and careful treatment. Preparation of this medicine take a minimum time of four weeks, and after the treatment resting for one week is more then enough and would become work ready, sitting for longer period of time is also allowed and not to be worried.
It can also be treated for conditions like piles, polyps, warts, hemorrhoids, pilonidal sinus and few more. The treatment requires not more than an hour and can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Few benefits of Ksharasutra are:

  • It reduces risk of Anal Stenosis
  • It helps in quick resumption to routine life within three to four days.
  • Here are some tips to prevent this disorder:
  •  Avoid smoking and alcohol
  •  Eat more fruits and vegetables
  •  Avoid junk food and spicy items
  •  Reduce consuming non vegetarian foods
  •  Drink a plenty of water
  •  Reduce tea and coffee
  •  Avoid straining during the defecation
  •  Stay stress free
  •  Stay physically active.

The preparation of Ksharasutra take a few ingredients like the Euphorbia nerifolia in the quantity of 11 coating, 7 coating of Achuyranthes aspera, and the last is the 3 coating layers of curcuma longum. Mechanism of action

  • Chemical and mechanical cauterization and strangulation of the blood vessels.
  • Local gangrene of the pile mass tissue
  • Sloughing of the mass
  • Healing of the resulting wound.
  • Some advantages or benefits of this treatment are:
  • It is simple and safe
  • It is cost effective and ambulatory
  • It has a minimal recurrence rate
  • Systemic diseases
  • No complications like incontinence, stenosis and structure
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