Rasayana is a Sanskrit word which means the path of essence also called the science of increasing the lifespan with good health. It is the ayurvedic therapy to save the vitality of the body to the extreme level of capacity. In other words, it is a science which helps us to preserve the charm of youthfulness.

There are two types of Rasayana
1. Dravya Rasayana
2. Adravya Rasayana
Dravya Rasayana helps in aging promotion, Mental enhancement, eyesight promotion, combating diseases, and many more.

Few important Rasayana are made up of

1) Herbs and medicinal plants
2) Natural resources
3) Food ingredients
4) Ayurvedic medicinal formulations.

Specifications of Rasayana
Respiratory system- Chayavanprash
Digestive system -Haritaki
Circulatory system – Bhringaraj
Muscular system – Ashwagandha
Nervous system – Ashwagandha, Brahmi
Reproductive system – Ashwagandha, Satavari
Urinary system- Punarnava
Excretory system -Kutaja, Vara

Few formulations of Rasayana are
1. Brahmi Rasayan.
2. Amalaka Rasayan.
3. Tripala Rasayan.
4. Chavyanprash.

Types of Rasayana
1)Kamya Rasayan – It improves Health and Vigour of normal human body
2) Naimittika Rasayana – It improves strength of Diseased person
3)MedhyaRasayana – It improves the mental faculties
4)Acara Rasayana – Means of Rasayana are conduct, practice, usage, precept.

It helps us to maintain good health, it essentially means gaining nutrition at all level of the human being’s lifespan. It helps in increasing the body strength and immunity, digestive power, good functioning capacity of the brain, it also decreases the diseases in the human body and delays the aging factor. Mechanisms of Rasayana are anti-aging, anabolic, nutritive, neuro protective, anti-oxidant, etc.

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