SWARNAPRASHA – Ayurveda immune drops
Disease Prevention in Infants and Children – DPIC

Dr. Bhargava Bitra has started a project called “Disease prevention in Infants and Children – DPIC” in the year 2010. Its objective is to improve the immunity, thereby preventing the diseases in infants and children, thus making the future generations healthy. Henceforth he has come up with a slogan “Healthy Child – Healthy Nation”.

As a part of the project DPIC, Dr. Bitra has formulated Swarnaprasha – Ayurveda immune drops for the children of 1 year to 16 years age. The formulation consists of swarna bhasma and many natural immuno-modulators. These drops

• Boosts the immunity
• Develops the intellectual power
• Soothes the mind and keeps focused
• Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Improves hearing, speech and vision
• Improves the physical and mental health

Dr. Bitra has conducted many medical camps for the free distribution of these drops both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In these COVID times, it is very much needed to keep our children healthy and with good immunity to fight Corona and its effects.

Swarnaprasha is a very well-known Ayurvedic medicine which helps us in improving our intelligence, immunity, physical power and mental power, improves concentration, memory, learning and grasping ability. It also helps in maintaining good control over the mind and temper. It detoxifies the body, gives good skin tone, and also good ENT problems that is hearing, smell, audio and even visual ability, it improves blood circulation and the nerves system.

The main ingredients that are used in the Swarnaprasha are Cow ghee, honey, and few edible herbs like Brahmi, Vacha, Shankpushpa, Guduchi Satva, Yashtimadhu, and Ashwagandha. It helps children facing learning difficulties, hyper activeness, attention disorder, and many such mental disabilities.

Duration of this course is of two ways, the consumption of this Swarnaprasha should happen in the empty stomach every day early in the morning 30 minutes before our meal, or the same method but monthly once till the age of 16.

Swarnaprasha is one of the 16 Samskaras in Ayurveda, known as one of the Pediatrics treatment building good and long-lasting health without any side effects.

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