Vajeekarana is one of the Ayurvedic treatment given for Sexual purposes like in two necessities, one is for the sexual life for men and the other is for men who are sexually weak. Another name for Vajeekarana is Vrishya Chikitsa.
Vajeekarana is an ayurvedic treatment which help’s in providing strength, good potential, sexual excitement or wanting, erection of sexual organ and creates pleasure during the period of the intercourse.

This treatment of Ayurveda is more concerned with virility and improving health of sexually weak person. With proper use of Vajeekarana a person becomes good in physique, potency, strength and also enhances sexual potent. It helps in many common sexual problems like infertility, erectile disfunction, premature ejacation and few more of the same type.

It promotes sexual health like conduct that is the performance, diet, behavior and many more. It is a science of aphrodisiacs, virility and improving health of progeny.
Classifications used for Vajeekarana are:
1)Sukrala- It is a medicine which causes improvement in the increment in the
2) Sukra Recaka- It helps is increasing the semen and promotes ejaculation.
3)Sukra Stambhaka- It helps in promoting the expulsion of semen.
4) Sukra Sosaka

Disfunction of erectile is a less common occurrence among the male, And
Vajeekarana is the well known Ayurvedic treatment for this disfunctioning problem, where the Dr. Basavaiah Ayurveda Hospital treats good.

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